Dorman Automotive Products has released a great new kit. This kit is  designed to add heated seats to cars that did not originally include them. It is designed to work with just about any seat style and is not too difficult to install.

Seat Heater Complete Kit

Universal Seat Heater Kit

You can click the image above to purchase the kit. Or click here:  Universal Seat Heater Kit

The kit includes everything you need to install a seat heater into a single seat. I installed this into my own car (We made a video of it too) last winter, and it works wonders. Now, a year later, with the cold air starting to set in, I have already fired it up a couple times and it works as good as the day I installed it!

Without writing a full review on the product, I can tell you this; At first I was skeptical that this seat heater would really do the job, it’s inexpensive, and seemed too easy to install. But let me tell you, this seat heater really works great! I will often set it on the low setting, even if it’s not very cold outside simply because the heated seats are comfortable, and seem to help prevent a sore back on long drives (Which I frequently make). If it’s extremely cold outside, you may want to kick the seat heater on High, but you likely won’t leave it on there long, because it quickly gets very very warm.

Check out the video below, you can see how the kit is installed into my 2003 Crown Victoria.

Every car is going to be different in how to install the seat heater, but our video should give you a good basic understanding of how it works.