Replacing a Window Motor on a Subaru Impreza

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APDTY 853914 Power Window Lift Motor For Subaru (8-Tooth Gear Included) (Replaces Subaru: 62113-FC100, 61188-FE002, 61188-SA011, 62188-SA002

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These instructions are for replacing a front window motor on 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza vehicles. now offering Front Driver and Passenger Window Motors. These motors  are  factory original OEM parts, made in Japan.

Replaces Subaru OEM Parts # 61188-FE032 and 61188-FE022

1) Remove the front door trim.
*Caution, Do not apply excessive force to the clips. Otherwise the clip may be broken.
Pull up the inner remote cover toward you to remove the upper hook. Pull it down to remove the lower hook. Remove the inner remote cover.

2) Remove the screw, then remove the power window switch assembly and disconnect the harness connector.

3) Remove screw under window switch panel. Then remove the clips of the trim panel using clip remover (or flat-head screw-driver) to remove trim panel

4) Remove the Seal Cover. *Carefully remove sealer, Excessive force will easily break cover.

5) Remove the mirror gusset cover

6) Disconnect the mirror connector. Then loose the screws and remove mirror assembly.

7 ) Remove the stabilizers and trim hooks. (* Tech Tip, use a marker to trace outline for the position on installation)

8 ) Remove the rear end of door weather strip and weather strip outer.

9) Move glass to the position shown in the figure, then remove the two nuts from the service holes.

10) Remove the door glass.

11) Loosen the nuts to remove the rear sash.

12) Disconnect the motor connector.

13) Loosen four bolts and two nuts to remove the regulator assembly.

14) Loosen the screws to remove motor assembly.

For Installation, reverse the order of removal.




ASE Certified Technician

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5 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks a lot for this post, I’m an avid DIY person (once it’s not too technical) and I was able to follow this step by step with very little difficulty.

  2. Wade Dorrell says:

    Yes, thank you, this was very useful.

  3. Jameel Sulaiman says:

    this have been really helpful,step by step with pictorial guide can never go wrong.was about to prove to the world that i am a handyman until step 9.anyone can help how do i roll down the glass to the position manually?my glass window doest seem to budge with the old motor not working.many thanks in advance

  4. Jay says:

    Thanks for this. I’ll be replacing my window motor/regulator on my ’06 WRX soon. Jameel, I was stuck in the same position as you. From what I’ve read and successfully done is to lightly bang on the motor (from the inside) with a mallet (not too hard) and try putting a little downwards pressure on the window while hitting the down button on the switch. You’ll have to plug the switch back in to do this. It went a little slow, but the motor had just enough to roll it all the way down little by little. Now the bolts are where I need them to be (through the holes). Be cautious when removing the window and/or when putting everything together.

  5. Daniel says:

    Hey guys the glass will still not drop, it’s frozen in place, is there a better way to drop the glass than just hitting it

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