Upgraded Coolant Tubes for Semi Trucks. Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Volvo

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Do you have a coolant leak on your Heavy Duty Truck?  Why is this tube failing?  There are no moving parts, is it just a poorly designed part?  Or is it the environment in which a coolant tube operates? APDTY has been able to target the most failure prone coolant tubes, the ones you have to replace at an alarming rate.  These coolant tubes have beefed up the weak spots. Redesigned from the cheap low-grade steel and replaced with high-quality stainless. The result is a more reliable solution for you and your truck.


To see the Full-Line of APDTY  Heavy Duty Truck Coolant Tubes, Redesigned with Stainless Steel Click Here.


ASE Certified Technician

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