Slow coolant leak on your 2.0L Escape, Focus or Tribute? Could be your Thermostat Housing.

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Slow coolant leak on your 2.0L Escape, Focus or Tribute? Most-likely your leak is coming from the thermostat housing, leaving a small puddle of radiator fluid under the engine on the drivers side. This thermostat housing is made of plastic and very common to crack, resulting in a coolant leak. Another common problem is due to a oil leak from the valve cover gasket. This oil leak makes it way down to the thermostat housing destroying the o-ring.

Dorman Thermostat Housing 902-201

When replacing the t-stat housing it would be best to switch from the original hose clamps to worm type hose clamps. The hardest part of this job being the removal of the factory type hose clamp, due to the limited space to work in. Switching to the worm type hose clamps will make the installation a breeze. This job can be done with basic tools,  in about 45 minutes.




ASE Certified Technician

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