Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Key Sticking in Ignition? Replacing an Ignition Lock Cylinder.

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APDTY 035814 Ignition Lock Cylinder Assembly w/ New Keys (Non-Transponder Type; Fits Select 1997-2009 Dodge Chrysler Jeep Models; Replaces Mopar 5003843AB, 5003843AA, 4574029AB, 5083915AA, 5083915AB)

Features: Complete Ignition Lock Cylinder Assembly With Tumblers Pre-Installed, Includes 2 New Pre-Cut Keys, Easy Do-It-Yourself Repair

New From: $17.00 USD In Stock

How to replacing a Ignition Lock Cylinder on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. These procedures are very common on other year/make/models.

On this repair, I will be using a APDTY 035814, which comes completely set-up with  new keys and extra tumblers. Having the extra tumblers makes it possible to code the new part to use the original key. Here is a link for instruction on coding the ignition lock cylinder from Dorman.

1.) Disconnect the negitive battery cable.  Remove steering column cover retaining screws.

If you are also replacing the Ignition Switch also, you will need to remove the steering column shroud.
1a.) Remove cable from parking brake release handle. Remove screws holding steering shroud.
Then remove the lower steering column shroud.

1b.) Removing the Ignition Switch, use a No. 10 Torx bit, remove the ignition switch mounting screw.
Depress the retaining tab, and gently pry switch from steering column.

2. With ignition switch in RUN position, depress retaining tab. Remove lock cylinder.

To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure ignition switch and actuator shaft in lock housing are
in the run position. lock cylinder tab will depress only in RUN position. Check for proper operation of
ignition switch in all positions.

This Lock Cylinder was very sticky, so I decided to inspect why. After taking this one apart I found excessive wear well above the normal. After talking to the vehicle owner, he has had this problem for quite a while.


ASE Certified Technician

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18 Responses

  1. Whitney says:

    The key doesn’t turn at all anymore in order to remove the cylinder. I believe I need to replace the entire housing. How do I remove and replace the cylinder lock housing?

  2. armando armenta says:

    Thank you very much, I did use your instruction and take out the Lock Cylinder without breacking the house cap, now I can buy I realy apreciate your instruction

  3. Tony says:

    Your instructions worked perfectly. Thanks.

  4. Bill G says:

    If you cannot get the key to turn to the on position put the key in the slot then hit it with wrench and the key will turn to on position so that you may remove the cylinder. When you do this you are pushing the key into the crap that has collected over the years in that key cylinder and then the key turns.

  5. Bert says:

    It still wont turn after hitting it.Can i force a large screw driver in it and turn hard.

  6. Dave McClintock says:

    The key simply will not turn any more. It is stuck. What can be done? There are several questions here with no answer. Can I drill out the keyway and force an easy-out in and turn it that way?
    Or can I drill out the release button?
    What are the risks of doing this?

  7. Bill william says:

    EaOntop of having to move now my ignition goes out I just wanted to say thanks your instructions saved me now I can do it myself I couldn’t aford to pay right now god bless have a great christmas

  8. Tony says:

    These instructions look great. My wife’s 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan has a problem where you have to tap the key in with a hammer and turn it to get it to work. Probably like what you described — all the crap in there. I can get the cylinder no problem. Question is, do I need to also replace the switch?

    • Ice Pop says:

      It 6am and 8 degrees outside key wouldn’t turn. I put a butane heater in the van to work on it. I thought of hammering a screwdriver and turning with vise grips but I thought I’d break the housing especially in the cold, then around 11am I took a hammer and tapped the key in and it turned on. Then I drove straight to the parts store and got the ignition lock cylinder. I’m hoping is no the Ignition Switch actuator sticking

  9. Tony says:

    BTW, I described my problem to a local mobile locksmith and he told me I probably needed a new switch. Said that it would cost about $250 for the job! I can get the parts from a well-known national auto supply place — both the cylinder AND the switch for $76.66 out the door. If I can do this myself, I can save $180 or more.

  10. Loren says:

    Thanks, these instructions are great. To anyone else reading this I would say, don’t be afraid to hit the key and turn while hitting. After I got it out I sprayed parts cleaner in the key hole and let it dry a minute then WD-40. Now it works every time.

  11. jose says:

    Thanks for helping me to change cylinder for my Chrysler town and country 96..very easy and cheap only 15 box…the other guy told me take the whole thing out, special tools, 65 the part minimum plus labor…of course no..i follow this pics and done in 10 mins…thanks again…

  12. Darcie says:

    What if I cannot put my ignition in the run position to remove. It will not let me remove the old one.

  13. Chris says:

    Can someone please answer on what to do if key won’t turn at all

  14. Bob says:

    AND spraying a little WD40 then pushing the key in and out several times Did unstick the old key lock enough to start the van Twice.

  15. Richard says:

    Thanks for the help. The instructions here and the Dorman video made the job easy!

  16. Tyrone says:

    Purchased the Dorman ignition lock cylinder 924-703 with tumblers from Advance Auto for under $50 rekeyed it myself and saved over $100 if a locksmith had done it. New ignition lock cylinder had step by step instructions and illustrations. I’d strongly recommend this product,

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