TechSmart Lighting Control Module  (LCM)

The LCM is Fords answer to problems with electronic interference and excessive heat with thermoelectric devices used previously.
The LCM is a microprocessor based module that controls several exterior lighting systems.
System include headlamps with auto-lamps (if equipped), turn-signals/hazards, corning lamps, parking lamps and battery saver.

Most common problem with the Lighting control module is that the headlights stop working for short periods of time while driving. Due to the relay in the control module over-heating. Ford recommends only using headlight bulbs that meet there specifications, as this may cause or contribute to this condition.

Ford headlamp bulb specifications – Bulb part # 9007
-low beam light should be rated at 4.30 amps @ 55 watts,
-high beam should be rated at 5.08 amps @ 65 watts.

Before replacing the LCM, make sure all fuses and relays for the exterior lights are good. Refer to you owners manual for fuse/relay locations.
Where is the LCM located? The Lighting Control Module (LCM) would be located, behind center lower of dashboard.

2003-2004 Ford Crown Victoria, 2003-2004 Mercury Grand Marquis part # S41006

2005 Ford Crown Victoria, 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis part # S41007