How to replacing a Ignition Lock Cylinder on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. These procedures are very common on other year/make/models.

On this repair, I will be using a Dorman product part# 924-703, which comes completely set-up with  new keys and extra tumblers. Having the extra tumblers makes it possible to code the new part to use the original key. Here is a link for instruction on coding the ignition lock cylinder from Dorman.

1.) Disconnect the negitive battery cable.  Remove steering column cover retaining screws.

If you are also replacing the Ignition Switch also, you will need to remove the steering column shroud.
1a.) Remove cable from parking brake release handle. Remove screws holding steering shroud.
Then remove the lower steering column shroud.

1b.) Removing the Ignition Switch, use a No. 10 Torx bit, remove the ignition switch mounting screw.
Depress the retaining tab, and gently pry switch from steering column.

2. With ignition switch in RUN position, depress retaining tab. Remove lock cylinder.

To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure ignition switch and actuator shaft in lock housing are
in the run position. lock cylinder tab will depress only in RUN position. Check for proper operation of
ignition switch in all positions.

This Lock Cylinder was very sticky, so I decided to inspect why. After taking this one apart I found excessive wear well above the normal. After talking to the vehicle owner, he has had this problem for quite a while.